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Vacuum Bag, Belts & Filters

Your vacuum is the only thing that stands between you and a dirty house, so you want yours to function at 100 percent at all times. This means keeping up with regular maintenance of your vacuum, changing vacuum bags as they fill up and replacing belts and filters when they become worn. We carry parts and supplies for all types of vacuums — even hard-to-find brands.


Vacuum cleaner bags should be changed when they are 2/3 full. Allowing the bags to fill up completely causes you to run the risk of dangerously overheating the motor as it tries to suck in dirt for which it has no room. Running a vacuum with a full bag also won’t get your floors any cleaner. The resulting pressure on the bag inside can even cause it to burst, spreading clouds of dust and dirt all through the inner workings of your vacuum, and likely parts of your house as well. If your bag fills up and you don’t have another one, you’ll be tempted to run the vacuum “just this once,” which can end up being a few more times than one, increasing your risk each time for damage. Always keep a fresh supply of bags on hand. We carry a full line of vacuum cleaner bags to fit all makes and models.


Your vacuum, like your clothes dryer drum or anything that spins, relies on belts. If your belts are old and have not been changed for years, they are in danger of snapping at any moment. While this is generally not dangerous, the beater bar will not function without belts, so your vacuum may be out of commission until these broken parts are replaced. Made essentially of rubber, vacuum belts become worn and stretched over time, losing efficiency and turning the bar more slowly, resulting in rugs that are less clean. Even if your belts are still functioning, they may be working at a seriously diminished capacity. If you are not sure if your belts need replacing, bring your vacuum into any of our locations, and our friendly staff members can help you determine if you need new belts and what kind you need for your model vacuum.


Vacuum cleaner filters are much more sophisticated today than they were years ago. Filters are important in preventing any dirt or dust from getting near the vacuum’s motor and possibly clogging it. Those filters should also be changed regularly. Cleaning filters in bagless vacuums is especially critical, as the filters do double-duty preventing dust from escaping from the machine. A clogged filter can make your vacuum work twice as hard while performing half as well. A vacuum filter executes an important function, and if it is not working properly, you can risk recirculating the dust and dirt you are trying to get rid of back into your room, or worse, into the moving parts of the vacuum. If you’re not sure how often your filter needs to be replaced or how to do it, visit the friendly professionals at one of our local stores.