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                                    BEST PET VACUUMS !
                                      When choosing the right vacuum for cleaning up after your PET'S you need to look for these three key features.
1= Durability
          Sounds obvious right. But a lot of vacuum manufacturers ( In my own opinion ) try to use as much plastic as possible to keep cost down. Although plastic is not always a bad thing, as long as it is put in the right place and The Brush Roller should not be one of them. The brush Roller is one part of the vacuum that take a lot of abuse do to PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING YOU PICK UP.  Pet hair and people hair get's wrapped around the roller and can cause it to bind up and or melt the end caps.I can not tell you how many times i replaced plastic brush rollers do to hair melting them. So my first recommendation is to look for a vacuum with a Metal Brush Roller they will take more abuse, They have replaceable parts and will last longer. Where as Plastic and Wood Rollers you pretty much have to replace the whole thing they don't sell parts. It's all or nothing usually... 
2= Serviceability 

            When picking a PET Vacuum you want to make sure that you can service the roller and clean out the air way channels as easy as possible. Keeping the roller and air way channels free of hair and debris will help your vacuum last longer and clean better.  So my second recommendation is to look for a vacuum that has easy access to the Brush Roller and has quick access ports to clean out the air way channels.  Here are some examples.
3= Air Filtration
( Bagless vs. Bag Vacuums )
           Air Filtration is really important when your dealing with pets do to all the pet hair, pet dander and all the other stuff pets bring into your home form the outside and what they leave behind can make your carpets and vacuum start to get a really bad musky, dusty wet dog smell. Great air filtration will help prevent that. There are three basic types of vacuum filters out there the most common one is a foam filter, They are found mostly in Bagless vacuums and are the primary filter to contain most of the dirt, debris, pet hair and pet dander in your vacuum because of this they can start to smell bad. So you need to clean them weekly or monthly to help prevent the smells and also so the vacuum will continue to clean your carpet. The problem is that no matter how much you clean your foam filter you can not get it like new and it will just keep getting worse and worse until you replace it. And which eventually will start to smell and decrease your cleaning ability. Where as a bag vacuum uses a paper or HEPA bag type filter as it's primary filter, So every time you throw your bag away and put a new one in, Your also throwing away all the pet hair, pet dander and musky wet dag smell away too. Its like your vacuum is getting a new set of lungs. Which will also increase your cleaning ability. second type of filter is HEPA FILTER it is normally used as the post filter to help catch any dust and any other air pollutants that gets by the primary filter. although HEPA FILTERS filter batter than foam filters smells and odors can still get through. That's where the three type of filter comes in, It's a CHARCOAL FILTERS they are filters that are party made up of a charcoal lining or have some granulated charcoal built in to it to help eliminate the odor. So my recommendation is to look for a vacuum that has a HEPA and CHARCOAL FILTER in it. The one I would look for  would have all three, A HEPA BAG, HEPA FILTER and a CHARCOAL FILTER in it.  Here are some examples.

           Here are Some vacuum's we recommend for PET owners.

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